MeeGoPad T05

The T05 is powered by the quad-core 64-bit Intel© Atom™ z3735f Processor at 1.33Ghz with a turbo frequency of 1.83Ghz. The CPU features 22nm manufacturing process and Intel© HD Graphics. The CPU is backed by 2GB of DDR3L RAM and a active fan cooling system.


Welcome to the MeeGoPad T05 software section! find all of the device drivers & BIOS files categorized in one place!

# Drivers Platform Availability
1 Windows 8.1 X86 Download
2 Windows 8.1 X64 N/A
3 Windows 10 X86 Download
4 Windows 10 X64 N/A
BIOS Files.
# BIOS Platform Availability
1 Latest X86 Download
2 Latest X64 N/A
3 Autoboot X86 N/A
4 Autoboot X64 N/A
5 Dualboot X86 N/A
6 Dualboot X64 N/A